How to plant a beautiful begonia plant at home. Begonia Care

Begonia Care in Hindi

Begonia Care information

We know begonia as an incredible outside plant, yet a portion of its assortments are likewise developed as indoor plants.

Begonias like houseplants or houseplants have reflexive leaves that transmit variety and lovely surface.

The primary fascination of an indoor begonia is its leaves, while outside plants have their blossoms.

common name Polka Dot Plant
botanical name Begonia maculata
Flower colors Orange, white, pink, yellow
plant height 6-12 inches
sunlight Radiant Indirect
Water / Irrigation normal
How to apply Container, window box

Begonia Care in Hindi

There are great many assortments of begonias, a large number of assortments and assortments are exceptionally gorgeous. These are chiefly tropical and subtropical plants and they require some extraordinary consideration yet assuming you know how to really focus on it, what you like and what you could do without, you can undoubtedly make due. That in your home.


Anthurium can be harmful to health if eaten or swallowed, so keep it out of the reach of pets or children. The juice or milk extracted from it can irritate the skin.

The light

Moderate to brilliant roundabout light is great for begonia houseplants. Light stains the leaves, so on the off chance that the plant is kept in a dull spot, the leaves will begin to blur a little.

Alongside this, the plant ought to be safeguarded areas of strength for from, so that care is taken to keep the leaves from shriveling.


For novices, ‘how to water’ begonias can be an issue. This is a plant that needs some dampness in the dirt.

And yet care ought to be taken that the dirt ought not be 100 percent dry or 100 percent waterlogged.

Actually look at the top surface, on the off chance that there is 1-2 crawls of dampness, don’t water, on the off chance that the surface feels totally dry, certainly water.

While watering, fill the pot totally until water begins to move through the opening in the lower part of the pot.

Begonia Care in Hindi


In the event that we discuss the ideal temperature, the best temperature for begonia is 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. They could do without an excess of cold and jump at the chance to be somewhat warm.

They can endure AC temperatures when kept inside, however on the off chance that you keep them close to a yard or deck, they can be brought inside throughout the colder time of year.

Try not to put them where temperature vacillations are high, for example, around habitually opened entryways or AC vents.

To keep your begonia totally outside, ensure the temperature is consistently over 15 degrees Celsius. Pick a spot for the begonia where it will get to some degree direct daylight.


Begonia houseplants fill best in high dampness. If your washroom is enormous and you need to have a few plants in there, begonias can be a decent decision for you.

At the point when there is low dampness, its leaves evaporate and the edges become yellow, and that implies that the moistness in the environment is diminishing. For this you can follow a straightforward technique where you fill a saucer with water and add rocks in it, which will normally raise the dampness around the area a piece.

Begonia Care in Hindi

Fertilizer Fertilizer

An effective method for keeping begonias scrumptious is to apply a fluid compost each 15-20 days.

Fertilizer or cow compost ought to be applied right now in blistering climate, for example at the point when the plant is developing quickly. Try not to treat in winter.

Pro tips

  1. A new plant can be made from begonia cuttings. For that you should take a 4-5 inch long cutting from any branch, if it has 1-2 leaves it will be very good. You can get a new plant by planting these cuttings in water or soil.
  2. Overwatering can harm the health of begonias, but overwatering can harm almost all types of plants. To know when to water it, you can look at the hardness of its leaves, water when the bitterness subsides.
  3. Begonias like a lot of dampness, however dousing the leaves is certainly not a smart thought as this can prompt form issues. While watering, water the dirt, as opposed to the whole plant.

Happy gardening Guys..


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