“Disorders”: Desperately Seeking Happiness

Laetitia Vercken (Manue), Béatrice Facquer (Béatrice), Anouk Feral (Julia), Florence Foresti in her own role.

Posted Oct 3, 2022, 8:22 PM

Make others laugh, when you no longer know how to laugh at yourself. For Florence Foresti, it is difficult to find a fall for this intimate personal story. And yet, it is with a sitcom-style series, in eight episodes, that the comedian closes this very special chapter of his life, at the crossroads of two worlds: that of depression and the long-awaited return to life, to lightness. Written, produced and embodied on screen by herself, the series “Désordres” plays on opposites, the comedian appearing there sometimes radiant, sometimes eaten away by an anxiety that immobilizes him, for days on end, on his sofa. An anxiety so strong that it is embodied here by an actor, Luc Antoni, like a spectral figure who haunts her when everything is going well.

Laetitia Vercken (Manue), Béatrice Facquer (Béatrice), Anouk Feral (Julia), Florence Foresti in her own role.

Laetitia Vercken (Manue), Béatrice Facquer (Béatrice), Anouk Feral (Julia), Florence Foresti in her own role.© LIKE A GREAT/ICONOCLAS

Welcome, therefore, to a world of disorder, where the actress revisits her own story in the light of fiction: that of an actress desperately looking for inspiration for her next show, “Epilogue”, there is five years now. Florence Foresti draws in her own way from the imagination of “Sex and The City”, here surrounded by three endearing friends – Laetitia Vercken, Béatrice Facquer, Anouk Feral -, to offer a less fantasized version, closer to reality. Over the course of the episodes, the show tenderly captures the daily life of a single woman in her forties – whose “20 years on anti-depressants” – and mother in shared custody.

The series sometimes lacks a bit of fantasy. Certain scenes or certain dialogues have a taste of deja vu, as the actress multiplies the references and shows her love of Anglo-Saxon comedies. There remains, beyond the clichés, a touching creation, full of pretty sequences and tasty moments, like the electric encounters between Florence Foresti and Audrey Lamy. A beautiful mess, in short.


Created by Florence Foresti.

With Florence Foresti, Béatrice Facquer, Anouk Feral, Laetitia Vercken… On Canal+, 8 episodes of 30 minutes.

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