Climate change: Forests around the world burning! Researchers claim that by 2050, forests will become…

 Climate change: Forests around the world burning!  Researchers claim that by 2050, forests will become...

Washington. The devastation caused by climate change is also happening all over the world. Some forest fires, some rivers are drying up, some hot weather, some heavy rains, floods. Many countries including Pakistan, China, Spain, Portugal, Britain and Italy are battling natural disasters these days. A study shows that this time the fire has destroyed more forests than two decades ago.

by the World Resources Institute (WRI). According to previous research, as climate change worsens, the most destructive thing to forests is fire. Actually this fire is spreading due to the scorching heat of the forests.

The current temperature is five times higher than 150 years ago and expect that as the Earth warms, fires will destroy forests, the researchers said. According to the analysis, wildfires are now becoming more common, with 7.4 million acres of forest now burning annually.

The study has found that in the last two decades, boreal forests, or icy forests, of which 70 percent have been destroyed by fire. Many animals found only in snowy areas also died in this disaster. Its area is more than 20 lakhs, if the area of ​​India and China is added then it is much more than that. These forests are full of deciduous trees and conifers that extend to Canada, Alaska and Russia.

According to WRI, over the past 20 years, boreal woodlands have increased by an average of 270,000 acres per year. These forests are primarily carbon sinks, most of which are stored in permafrost. As forests are destroyed by fire, centuries of frozen permafrost begin to melt, causing greenhouse gas pollution and the greatest threat to the ozone layer. Why is the difference getting bigger?

It has been told in the research that due to the fire in the year 2021, there has been heavy damage to the forests. Let us tell you that 9.3 million hectares of trees were burnt to ashes due to severe fire globally. According to a report released by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), there will be a 14 percent increase in forest fires in 2030 and this figure will increase to 30 percent in 2050.

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