In Houston, USA, a man shot 5 tenants, 3 killed

In Houston, USA, a man shot 5 tenants, 3 killed

Houston: A man evicted from an apartment building in Houston, US, opened fire on five other tenants, killing three of them. To evict the said tenants from the house, that person set the house on fire. This information was given by the police.

Police Chief Troy Finer said the incident occurred late Saturday at around 1 p.m. in a mixed industrial-residential area of ​​southwest Houston. He said that on receiving information about the fire, police and firefighters reached the apartment.

Finer said the gunman opened fire on the other tenants as they left the house. He said that two of them died on the spot, while one died in the hospital. He said the fire brigade team rescued two other injured and admitted them to the hospital.

Finer said the gunman opened fire as firefighters tried to put out the fire, killing police officers in self-defense. He said no identity of the person has been released and no firefighters or officers were injured in the incident.

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