30 killed, over 150 injured in violent clashes in Libyan capital

30 killed, over 150 injured in violent clashes in Libyan capital

Cairo. The streets of the city remained silent on Sunday after 30 people were killed in violent clashes in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Saturday. After this incident, a new round of violence is being feared in the midst of a long-running political standoff. Tripoli has been divided between rival administrations for the past few years, each supported by militias and foreign governments. Hospitals, government and residential buildings were damaged in the clashes on Saturday. According to the health ministry, at least 32 people were killed and 159 others were injured in the clashes. One of those who lost his life in the violence was comedian Mustafa Baraka, known for his videos criticizing the militias and corruption on social media.

The Health Ministry said in a statement that hospitals in the capital were shelled. Meanwhile, several offices remained closed in the city on Sunday and the state-run National Oil Corporation ordered its employees to work from home on Sunday. Earlier this month, a fuel tanker exploded after a fire broke out in central Libya, killing at least nine people and injuring 76 others. This information was given by the officials. According to the official Libyan News Agency, the incident took place in the central city of Bent Baya, when the tanker capsized before it caught fire.

The agency had reported that despite warnings of a possible fire and explosion, residents of the area resorted to hoarding petrol, causing a large number of casualties. In a nearby town assembly, the spokeswoman for the Government Medical Center, Halima al-Mahri, said the injured had been taken to hospital. Al-Mahri said at least 16 seriously injured were admitted to hospitals in the capital Tripoli and the former city of Benghazi.

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