Chris Hemsworth jokes about Loki’s role in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, says- ‘How many times will you kill him’?

Chris Hemsworth jokes about Loki's role in 'Thor: Love and Thunder', says- 'How many times will you kill him'?

Chris Hemsworth The much awaited film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is all set to release at the box office. He is going to return as ‘God of Thunder’ in the film. He stars opposite Natalie Portman in the film, playing the female Thor and Thor’s ex-girlfriend, Jane Foster. ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is full of interesting elements. But for the fans, the special character of MCU Loki will be missing in this. Loki plays Thor’s brother in the MCU.

For those who have forgotten, remind us that Tom Hiddleston’s character ‘Loki’ died in the events of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. While he was revived for the Loki series. Loki is traveling in a different timeline than the timeline in ‘Thor Love and Thunder’. Now Chris Hemsworth has responded when asked about his absence in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.

Chris Hemsworth joked in an interview with Cinema Blend that Tom Hiddleston didn’t want to be a part of the film. “He didn’t want to be involved in it,” he said. He said, ‘I hurt all of you and especially you (Chris), and I just kept listening, it’s a shame. And only I mean, do we kill so many times?”

Loki’s character is killed

Chris Hemsworth then solemnly said, “We love Toma. We love Toma. Yes but he’s dead. Not him, but Loki’s character.” Director Taika Waititi said, “No, no, It’s dead to us.” Hemsworth said, “As far as friendship is concerned, our lies are colorfully dead.”

Advance booking of Thor: Love and Thunder begins in India, makers said: Now it will be real thunder

It will release in India a day before the US

There are some old MCU faces and some new ones in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. One of them is Christian Bale, who plays ‘Gore the God Butcher’. Fans are very excited about this character. Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder will release in India on July 7 (a day before the US) in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

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