CBC test in pregnancy – Significance and results of test

What do CBC test results really mean?

in pregnancy, various tests are performed to assess the strength of the fetus. In this article, We give you a total blood count (CBC) Educate us concerning the test and its significance.

What is CBC test??

A total blood count test to decide any medical conditions a pregnant lady might have during early pregnancy (CBC) is tested. This test evaluates red platelets that convey oxygen all through the body. In the event that you have low iron levels in your blood, You really want iron supplements/Medications might be prescribed. CBC test red platelets in the blood, Also determines the quantity of white platelets and platelets

Is a complete blood count test necessary??

A CBC test is truly essential, Because this test helps diagnose illness or contamination in the hopeful mother. As the test counts the quantity of three types of blood cells,The strength of a pregnant lady comes to mind.

What does this blood test measure??

1. Red blood cells (RBC)

Red platelet and hemoglobin levels can demonstrate the fetus’ capacity to bring oxygen through the blood. Pregnant ladies with low hemoglobin levels are inclined to weakness and illness. Iron supplements are prescribed to address this condition.

2. White blood cells (WBC)

White platelets in the human body, Especially assume a significant part in pregnancy. There are five types of WBC-Basophils, Neutrophils, Eosinophils, lymphocytes and monocytes. This large number of factors are significant for the safe system. These factors are generally responsible for keeping the mother and baby liberated from any sort of disease. It also shows on the off chance that the mother has any blood-related diseases like sickle cell weakness or leukemia.

3. platelets

Platelets make up the set of three of platelets. Platelets are the smallest. Yet, Their significance is perfect. Platelets are responsible for blood thickening. On the off chance that the quantity of platelets is too low, the blood does not clump, A bigger number means that the mother is more inclined to sudden inside blood clots and dying.

4. Hemoglobin (Hb/Hgb)

Hemoglobin is a protein in your blood that holds oxygen.

5. Hematocrit (HCT)

It measures the percentage of red blood cells in your blood.

6. Mean corpuscular volume (MCV)

MCV measures the average size of your red blood cells.

How to Prepare for CBC Test?

You can eat and drink regularly before the CBC blood test. In the event that it is also used to perform different tests, Your PCP might ask you to fast for a specific number of hours.

How is the CBC test performed??

The CBC test just takes a couple of moments to finish. A nurse will insert a needle into your arm and take a blood sample. The sample will be sent to a pathology lab for testing. Subsequent to giving your blood sample you can leave the center.

What CBC Test Results Really Mean?

Test results help detect the onset of illness in a pregnant woman.

  • If the WBC count is low, So you are more likely to get an infection. General category 4,500 That 10,000 cells per microliter (Cells/Mcl) There is so much.
  • If you have low RBCs, You may become anemic. Normal category for men 4.5 million to 5.9 million cells/ Mcl is. For women, That 4.1 million to 5.1 million cells/ MCL is.
  • Normal range of hemoglobin for men 14 That 17.5 grams per deciliter (g/DL) There is; For women, she 12.3 That 15.3 g/DL is.
  • A low score on the HCT range scale can be a sign of iron deficiency. A high score may mean you are dehydrated. Normal category for men 41.5% And 50.4% is between. For women, This category 36.9% And 44.6% is between.
  • If your RBCs are higher than normal, Your MCV increases. Your Vitamin B 12 Or it can happen if folate levels are low. If you have too few red blood cells, you may have anemia. MCV score in normal range 80 That 96 is.
  • Normal range of platelets 150,000 That 450,000 platelets/ MCL is.

What do CBC test results really mean?

Here are the normal CBC values ​​for first to third trimester of pregnancy.

first quarter

unit value
HB g/dl 11.0-14.3
RBC 10^6/ul 3.52-4.52
HCT % 31-41
MCV fl 81-96
Mch pg 27-32
MCHC g/dl 33-37
RITICS % of RBC 0.2-2.0
PLT 10^3/u 150-400
WBC *10^3/ul 5000-13000
Different leukocyte count Absolute values/UL percentage %
Basophils Less than 110 0-1
Eosinophils Less than 500 1-6
Neutrophils 1800-7500 40-70
Staff 0-5
SGM 40-70
lymph 1000-3500 20-45
Mono 80-880 2-8

Second quarter

unit value
HB g/dl 10.0-13.7
RBC 10^6/ul 3.2-4.41
HCT % 30-38
MCV fl 82-97
Mch pg 27-32
MCHC g/dl 33-37
RITICS % of RBCs 0.2-2.0
PLT 10^3/ul 150-400
WBC 10^3/ul 6200-14800
Different leukocyte count Absolute value/UL percentage %
Basophils Less than 110 0-1
Eosinophils Less than 600 1-6
Neutrophils 2000-8000 40-70
Staff 0-5
SGM 40-70
lymph 1500-4000 20–45
Mono 80-880 2-8

third trimester

unit value
HB g/dl 9.8-13.7
RBC 10^6/ul 3.1-4.44
HCT % 28-39
MCV fl 91-99
Mch pg 27-32
MCHC g/dl 33-37
RITICS % 0.2-2.0
PLT *10^3/ul 150-450
WBC *10^3/u l 5000-13000
Different leukocyte count Absolute values/UL percentage %
Basophils Less than 110 0-1
Eosinophils Less than 600 1-6
Neutrophils 2000-8000 40-70
Staff 0.5
SGM 40-70
lymph 1500-4000 20-45
Mono 80-880 2-8

As we referenced above, CBC test is vital to measure the general soundness of the mother and distinguish the presence of viruses in her body. In this manner, Safeguarding the soundness of both mother and baby is possible.


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