Britain’s new King, Charles III, Britain’s new monarch, was crowned in a historic event – Prince Charles is now King Charles who has been proclaimed Britain’s new monarch

Britain's new King, Charles III, Britain's new monarch, was crowned in a historic event - Prince Charles is now King Charles who has been proclaimed Britain's new monarch

London: Charles III is officially proclaimed King of Britain in a historic ceremony at St James’s Palace. Charles, 73, the eldest son of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, has become the King of Britain. According to tradition in Britain, a coronation council is convened within 24 hours of the death of the queen. The coronation of Charles III could not take place on Friday due to the late announcement of the death of the Queen.

Charles III paid tribute to Elizabeth II in his address to the nation yesterday. At this time, Charles refreshed Elizabeth’s memories. “We will rule as Elizabeth II, retaining the sovereign,” said Charles. Charles III gave William the title Prince of Wales after his coronation. That’s why Kate has been given the title of Princess of Wales.

King Charles III addressed the coronation ceremony. Addressing the Privy Council, Charles III said that the death of Elizabeth II was an irreparable loss to his family, Britain and the world. Elizabeth II set an example of love and selfless service throughout her life. Charles III said that his mother’s reign was characterized by dedication and loyalty. Apart from this, he said that with the constant support of his wife, his courage increases.

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Prince Charles, Penny Mordent and Prime Minister Liz Truss signed the declaration. The coronation ceremony of Charles III was held at St James’s Palace in London.

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday. Buckingham Palace officially announced her death. Britain’s longest-reigning Queen Elizabeth II has died in Balmoral at the age of 96 after ruling for nearly 70 years.

Meanwhile, India will observe a day of mourning on September 11 on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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