Aparajita flower farming gives good profit

Aprajita Flower Farming: अपराजिताच्या फुलांची शेती करा आणि तिप्पट नफा कमवा

Popat Pitekar, Zee Media, Mumbai Farmers are now seen doing different types of experiments in the fields. Cultivation of medicinal crops is becoming more popular among farmers in the country. Because the government is promoting the cultivation of these crops under the Sugandha Mission. undefeated crop (Aparajita floriculture) It can be taken in any environment.

Aparajita crops grow well in conditions ranging from heat to drought. Interestingly, it is not affected by soil and climate. So farmers are now turning to the cultivation of these crops. Apart from India, it is widely cultivated in countries like America, Africa, Australia and China.

how to plant

Aparajita seeds are treated before sowing. Sowing should be done at a distance of 10 cm and at a depth of 2.5 to 3 cm. Because Aparajita crop develops well in hot to dry conditions. Soil and climate do not have much effect on it.

Aparajita is beneficial in many diseases

Aparajita Pick Blue Tea is very beneficial in diseases like diabetes. The remaining part of this plant can also be used as animal feed. Where peas and beans are used for cooking. At the same time, blue tea is also made from its flowers. That is, one crop, three jobs and three times the profit should be called the profit of this crop.

How much product will you get?

Timely harvesting of Aparajita flowers is essential. Otherwise, the flowers of the trees may drop and be damaged. If you plant Aparajita flowers in one hectare. So you can get 1 to 3 tonnes of fodder and 95 to 160 kg of seed per hectare. Its flowers and produce can be exported to many countries. So you too can easily get good profit from the cultivation of Aparajita.


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