American citizen had to inform about the bomb in the plane, because of this he was arrested!

American citizen had to inform about the bomb in the plane, because of this he was arrested!


37-year-old American man arrested for making false bomb alerts in Singapore
Flight SQ33 from San Francisco to Singapore was reportedly bombed
Central Narcotics Bureau said that the accused consumed drugs and assaulted the staff

Singapore, A 37-year-old American man has been charged in a Singapore court with assault on a crew member and spreading false news about a bomb on a Singapore Airlines flight. According to the report, Singapore Police was alerted on Wednesday that there was a bomb allegedly in the plane SQ33 from San Francisco to Singapore. After receiving information about the bomb, there was a stir among the officers. However, later investigation found that the suggestion of the bomb was false.

Rumors spread about drugs
Police have arrested a US citizen on charges of spreading false bomb rumors and consuming banned drugs. The plane landed at Changi Airport around 5:50 am under security cover of Republic of Singapore Air Force F-16C/D fighter jets. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said in a statement on Thursday that preliminary investigations revealed that during the journey the man allegedly shouted that there was a bomb on the plane and also snatched the luggage of another passenger.

Police said the man allegedly assaulted a crew member when he tried to stop him. Channel News Asia quoted police as saying that an investigation conducted by a crew member did not find any suspicious items in the luggage of the American man. Police said the Central Narcotics Bureau conducted a urine test of the man, which revealed that he had taken banned drugs.

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