America will be devastated by heat, by 2053 the temperature of half of the country will be scorched

America will be devastated by heat, by 2053 the temperature of half of the country will be scorched

New Delhi. A new study predicts very bad things for America. The study says that by 2053, America will be in the grip of severe heat where the temperature will be around 51 degrees. This would be the case in about half of America. There will be many ill effects of this scorching heat. A place with extremely hot weather is called an extreme heat belt. In such places, the temperature goes above 52 degree centigrade at least one day in a year. According to a new study, 10 million Americans will be forced to live in such areas by 2053.

According to HT News, the study was conducted by the First Street Foundation, a non-profit organization. The study used a watershed assessment model built with public and third-party data to estimate heat exposure. The study claimed that the weather risk was assessed on a very local scale of 30 square metres. According to the study, the extreme heat determined by the National Weather Service, which has been classified as ‘high risk’, is 52 degrees Celsius. By 2023, 81 million Americans will live in extreme heat. Worryingly, by 2053 this summer’s area of ​​influence will increase to such an extent that it will affect 10.7 million people and cover half of the US, 13 times more than it is now.

According to the report, the geographical area from North Texas and Louisiana to Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin will be affected by the severe heat. When relative humidity is combined with the temperature in the air, the temperature index is calculated based on how the human body perceives it. For this, researchers have prepared a model. It examined land surface temperatures and air temperatures measured by satellite between 2014 and 2020, revealing a precise relationship between the two measurements. This information is to be used in further studies to determine how water absorption occurs in these perceived warm regions and how the distance to the surface water affects the distance to the coastal waters.

The report also found that the intensity of the temperature rise would be the same at all places. For example, a 10 percent increase in temperature in the northeastern state of Maine could be as dangerous as a 10 percent increase in the southwestern state of Texas. However, overall temperatures will remain high in Texas. The largest projected change in local temperature so far occurred in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where temperatures reach 40 degrees seven days a year. According to the study, the temperature in these areas is expected to remain like this for 34 days in 2053.

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