Actor Annu Kapoor, a victim of cyber fraud, lost Rs 4 lakh in online fraud

Actor Annu Kapoor, a victim of cyber fraud, lost Rs 4 lakh in online fraud

Annu Kapoor: Veteran actor of the Indian film industry, Annu Kapoor is often in the news for his abusive characters or his statements. But now they are in discussion for a different reason. Actor Annu Kapoor has recently been a victim of an online scam. In this cyber fraud, he has been cheated of 4.36 lakhs. They have been cheated by pretending to be bank employees.

Bhamtya has transferred an amount of 4.36 lakhs from actor Annu Kapoor’s account to another account. Annu Kapoor has been duped on the pretext of updating KYC details by pretending to be an officer of a leading private bank. However, with timely action by the police, Annu Kapoor will get back Rs 3.8 lakh out of the total amount. Police has taken immediate action in this matter.

Money looted by claiming to be a bank employee

A related complaint was registered at the Oshiwara police station in Mumbai. Giving information in this regard, an official said that a person called Kapoor on Thursday and told Annu Kapoor that he needed to update his KYC (Know Your Customer) details. He then asked Annu Kapoor to share his bank account details and One Time Password (OTP), which he did. However, as soon as the OTP was given, the money was withdrawn from his account.

The caller told Annu Kapoor that he was a bank employee. He told Annu Kapoor that he wanted to update the KYC in his account immediately. After this, Annu Kapoor also trusted him and shared his bank details and one time password with that person. After some time Rs 4.36 lakh was transferred from Annu Kapoor’s account to two accounts. However, the bank immediately called him and he realized that such a huge transaction was taking place in his account.

immediate police action

After this, Annu Kapoor without a moment’s delay contacted the police and the bank, after which the accounts in which his money had gone were contacted. Police said that both the accounts in which Annu Kapoor’s money was transferred were immediately frozen by the bank and Annu Kapoor will get Rs 3.08 lakh back.

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