Yangtze River retreats and Buddhist statue appears in China

Yangtze River retreats and Buddhist statue appears in China

Business: China is currently in the grip of severe drought. Half of China is in the grip of drought. This is the situation since last month. Drought has created acute shortage of water. More than 50 rivers have dried up. During periods of drought, ancient sculptures dating back 600 years have emerged from the river bed due to the drying up of river waters. There are three idols in total. (Buddhist sculptures are revealed from the waters of the Yangtze River)

Citizens in China are currently battling drought and heat waves. Many provinces of China have not rained or have received little rain this year. Due to this, the outbreak of heat has intensified even more. The volume of rivers and water bodies has decreased. The water level in the reservoirs of many rivers has reached the lowest level. The water level of the Yangtze River in China is declining. Due to this, an island in the city of Chongqing, located in the southwest of China, has now come out of the water. Along with this, three idols of Lord Buddha have also emerged from the water. Those idols have been seen.

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The name of this island is Foliang. These three idols were seated on the highest cliff of the island. Talking about the sculptures, these were made during the Ming and Qing dynasties. One of these idols is also seen with Lord Buddha sitting on a lotus. These sculptures date back to 600 years and emerged from the river bed when the river water dried up during the drought. Because of which surprise is being expressed everywhere.

In the last two months, the heat in China has broken many records. Due to drought in the western part of China, the water level of the Yangtze River has decreased. The Yangtze Basin has received only 45 percent of the rainfall since July. The temperature reached 45 degrees on August 18 in Chongqing, Sichuan province of China. This temperature is the highest outside the desert region in Xinjiang province.

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Many rivers of China have dried up due to the scorching heat. In some areas, the water level of rivers is continuously decreasing. There are about 66 rivers in China that have completely dried up. The situation is no different with the Yangtze, China’s most important river. For the first time since 1865, the water level in some parts of the river has dropped dramatically.

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