US top finance official’s visit to India, talks on economic issues including Russia-Ukraine war possible

US top finance official's visit to India, talks on economic issues including Russia-Ukraine war possible


America worried about India’s neutral stand
Top US Treasury Department official to visit India
Discussion will be held on strengthening economic ties between America and India

Washington. For the first time after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, a top US Treasury official will make an official visit to India. The US wants the meetings to focus on how to strengthen ties with the South Asian country amid concerns over India’s neutral stand on the war that began in February. Deputy Finance Minister Wally Ademo will travel to Mumbai and New Delhi. During this, he will hold a meeting with officials of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office, Finance Ministry, Reserve Bank of India and Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

On India’s preparedness to lead the Intergovernmental Group of 20 in 2023, the Finance Department said Adeyemo will ‘discuss key shared priorities such as strengthening energy security, addressing global food insecurity and illicit financial flows’. Significantly, India has not given up Russia’s support despite joining the Quad alliance with the US, Australia and Japan. Instead, it has built up its trading ties with Russia and is dependent on the Kremlin for energy and other exports. At the same time, the US and Europe are moving away from Russia’s energy resources, and Treasury officials are promoting a cap on Russian oil prices.

It will take a long time for India to shift its foreign policy to Russia: US

America will strengthen economic ties with India
Adeyemo will meet with officials from the financial services and energy sectors in Mumbai to discuss strengthening economic ties between the US and India, the Treasury Department said in a statement.

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