Dangerous Russian attack feared before Ukraine’s Independence Day! Zelensky said – be ready

 Dangerous Russian attack feared before Ukraine's Independence Day!  Zelensky said - be ready


Zelensky warns of ‘dangerous’ Russian attack ahead of Independence Day
Zelensky warns – Russia can do some ‘special’ work
Zelensky’s appeal to fight despair and fear

Kyiv Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged the people of Ukraine to be vigilant ahead of Wednesday’s celebrations to mark the 31st year of independence from Soviet rule. While several explosions occurred in Crimea and 12 civilians were injured in a missile attack near a nuclear power plant. Zelensky said the people of Ukraine should not allow Moscow to succeed in “spreading despair and fear” ahead of the August 24 celebrations.

“We should all be aware that this week Russia may be trying to do something particularly ugly, something particularly vicious,” Zelensky said in a video, according to Reuters news agency. Zelensky also mentioned a series of recent explosions in Crimea in his speech. Although Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the attacks, analysts say some of them were carried out with new equipment used by its forces.

While the region’s governor, Oleh Sinehab, said the curfew in Ukraine’s second-largest city Kharkiv was being extended for a full day on Wednesday. The curfew usually lasts from 10 pm to 6 am. Kharkiv is under constant Russian shelling. In a message written on the Telegram messaging app, SignHub asked citizens to stay at home and heed the warnings.

How much has the Russo-Ukraine War changed the world?

On Saturday, a Russian missile also landed in a residential area near a nuclear power station in the southern Ukrainian city, injuring 14 civilians, Ukrainian officials said. Ukrainian officials said the attack on the Pivdenukrensk (southern Ukraine) nuclear facility and fresh shelling near Europe’s largest Zaporizhia station have rekindled fears of a nuclear accident.

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