US military carried out airstrikes on Iran’s military bases, know why

US military carried out airstrikes on Iran's military bases, know why


The US military entered the Syrian War in 2015, supporting Allied forces in their fight against the Islamic State group.
The attack was carried out by modern F-15 and F-16 fighter jets
Nine bunkers of Iranian forces targeted by US forces

Damascus, On Tuesday, the United States carried out airstrikes on targets of groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps based in Syria. According to the news agency AFP, this attack was carried out on the instructions of President Joe Biden, in which buildings belonging to Iran’s military have been destroyed.

However, a US military official said there were no casualties in the attack. Nine bunkers used to store explosives were targeted by the US military. These bunkers were being used as ammunition depots and logistics supply facilities. It is suggested that Iran wasted substantial ammunition in this attack.

The Russian army was informed a few minutes ago
The US military official further said that the US had alerted the Russian military using a ceasefire line minutes before the airstrike. At the same time, the US used modern F-15 and F-16 fighter jets to increase the accuracy of the attack. This US attack is being described as a reaction to the attack on US military bases in Syria on August 15. According to officials, drone strikes were carried out on August 15 near the al-Tanf garrison. However, there were no casualties in these attacks.

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