Trump left the White House with 15 boxes, 14 of which were confidential files

Trump left the White House with 15 boxes, 14 of which were confidential files

Washington. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made a big disclosure about former US President Donald Trump. The FBI said, ‘When Donald Trump left the White House earlier this year, he took 15 boxes with him. Of these, 14 boxes contained confidential records. A total of 25 documents were marked as top secret.

Actually, Trump was accused of keeping documents in boxes while leaving the White House. There were many important documents in those boxes. Trump also kept about 15 boxes of the National Archives with him. He was turned back after a threat of action.

Trump has had to do the government document, not the shirt of the shirt! some allies will also be trapped

Recently the FBI raided the Florida home of former President Donald Trump. On Monday, Trump said federal investigative agencies had raided his Palm Beach home in Florida. During this his safe was also broken. After Trump’s disclosure, it is believed that after leaving the presidency, this raid can be done to make a large amount of records.

Trump took many secret documents with him after he was removed from that post! FBI confiscated many confidential documents

Trump said a large number of FBI agents searched his Mar-a-Lago home, reports The New York Times and Reuters. However, the FBI Headquarters and Miami Field Office kept the matter quiet. Citing two unidentified people involved in the investigation, the New York Times claimed that the search was for boxes of documents that Trump had taken from the White House to his Florida home after his term ended. Trump said his house was still being cordoned off. The FBI has taken him into custody.

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