Trending video of bride slapping inside the car during the farewell procession goes viral

सासरी चाललेल्या नवरीला अचानक काय झालं? गाडीत नवऱ्याला धु धु धुतला, तुम्हीही खळखळून हसाल!

viral video of the groomEveryone has some expectations regarding marriage. Along with this, many people also do wedding planning. Wedding season in India is a kind of festival. Videos of husband and wife are going viral on social media (groom trending video). Some of those videos are laughable. One such video is going viral on social media.

A user has shared the video on Instagram (Instagram Viral Video). At the time of farewell after marriage, the bride is seen sitting in the car to go to her father-in-law’s house. The groom is sitting next to him. But then something happened that made the bride angry. After this the groom could not guess what the bride did.

After getting into the car, the bride looks at the groom and slaps after slapping. First of all, the bride presses the groom’s mouth and starts giving it directly under the groom’s chin. The bride could not understand what made her angry. However, the tension rises only after seeing the bride’s angry nature.

watch the video-

Meanwhile, many people could not stop laughing after watching the video. Seeing the red look of the bride, many people have made amazing comments. Some paid tribute to the groom and some wished for a future life. This video is going viral on social media.


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