Toothache can be a symptom of heart attack, know about it

दातदुखी जाणवतेय? सावधान व्हा...हार्ट अटॅकचं लक्षण असू शकतं

Mumbai: If you have constant pain in your teeth, then be careful. If so, then your heart is signaling you the greatest danger. Usually, before a heart attack, the patient feels chest pain or excessive sweating, dizziness.

But according to recently published reports, some very shocking symptoms of heart disease have come to the fore. The most characteristic symptom is a complaint of pain in the teeth or jaw. Be careful if you have shortness of breath, fatigue, jaw problems, toothache and back pain. This could be a sign of a heart attack.

According to the American Heart Association, heart attacks without chest pain are deadliest for women. Because at this time the patient does not even know that he has had a heart attack and doctors delay his diagnosis.

Dr. Alexandra Lansky, a cardiologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital, said one woman complained of pain in her jaw to several doctors. Everyone sent the woman to the dentist. The dentist took out two of his teeth. Still the pain did not subside. Then she came to me. On examination it was found that the rope of pain was attached to the heart. After this he had bypass surgery. After that his toothache has subsided.

According to cardiologist Dr. Jacqueline Tamis-Holland, women do not consider their risk of heart attack more than men. High blood pressure and obesity are associated with an increased risk of heart attack in women aged 35 to 54.


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