Today’s news in English, Afghanistan Kabul school bombing, 53 killed, 46 girls injured more than 100

Today's news in marathi, Afghanistan Kabul school bombing, 53 killed, 46 girls injured more than 100

Kabul:Afghanistan is once again shaken by bomb blasts. According to the information received, a suicide bomb exploded in a school located on Shahid Majri Road in western Kabul. According to the agency’s report, 53 people have died in the attack. It also includes 46 girls and women. After this explosion, panic has spread in the area.

AFP news agency quoted the United Nations as saying that a suicide bombing happened at a school in Kabul. On September 30, there was an explosion in an educational institution in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Preliminary information has revealed that 19 people were killed in this suicide attack. Although 53 people have lost their lives in this attack so far. These include 46 girls. It is being told that around 110 people have been injured.

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A Taliban spokesman said a suicide bomber attacked a school in the Shia area of ​​Kabul. The blast took place at Kaaz Education Center in Dasht-e-Barchi area in the western part of the city. The students were taking entrance exams in the university when the blast took place. So there were a lot of students in the class. After the explosion, the bodies were blown away.

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The non-governmental organization Afghan Peace Watch said in a Twitter post that a terrorist blew himself up while approaching the site where the students were present. Kaj Education Center was targeted. Earlier, there was a bomb blast in the Wazir Akbar Khan area of ​​Kabul. The explosion outside the Russian embassy in Kabul was also strongly condemned.

It has been a year since the Taliban came to power in the US-backed government last year. Despite this, the series of bomb blasts continues in Afghanistan.

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