Reliance Jio will launch 4G enabled laptop JioBook for Rs 15000

Reliance Jio will launch 4G enabled laptop JioBook for Rs 15000

Reliance Jio Laptop: Industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio is going to launch 4G SIM cardless laptop soon. Reliance Jio claims that this laptop will reach everyone in the Indian market just like Jio Phone. Reliance Jio’s 4G SIM card laptop will cost Rs 15,000. The company has said that the price of this laptop has been fixed keeping in mind the budget of the general public.

Reliance Jio has also fixed the price of JioPhone at an affordable price for the common man. Similarly, Reliance now aims to bring affordable laptops to the market. Reliance Group has partnered with Qualcomm and Microsoft to make US-based wireless telecommunications products for JioBook laptops. Along with this, computing chips are being developed through apps by Arm Limited and Windows OS Company for better technology, Reliance has given this information.

Laptop will come in the market in three months

Reliance Jio has the largest telecom network in India with over 420 million customers in India. According to Reuters sources, the laptop will soon be available to schools and government institutions across the country. It is likely to hit the market in the next three months.

Counterpoint analyst Tarun Pathak said the launch of JioBook laptops in the Indian market could lead to a 15 percent increase in the demand for laptops. The Jio laptop will have its own JioOS operating system and will have the facility to download apps from the JioStore. According to research firm IDC, total personal computer shipments in India stood at 14.8 million units last year, which included computers from HP, Dell and Lenovo.

cheapest laptop

The price of laptop is currently starting from at least 20 thousand rupees in the market. But, this laptop of Reliance will be available for 15 thousand rupees. That’s why the company has claimed that this laptop of Reliance is the cheapest.

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