The girl became a millionaire due to the mistake of the bank, spent all the money on shopping crorepati and then…

The girl became a millionaire due to the mistake of the bank, spent all the money on shopping crorepati and then...

New Delhi: A young woman got an opportunity to buy crores of rupees due to the mistake of the bank. From that account he spent more than 18 crores. That too without so much money in his account. It happened that the bank had given this girl an unlimited overdraft by mistake.

Overdraft is a financial facility. With this you can withdraw money even if you do not have money from your bank account. It is a type of short term loan. Which has to be repaid within the stipulated time. Australia’s Westpac Bank mistakenly offered this overdraft facility, also unlimited, to a student named Christine Jiaxin.

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Originally from Malaysia, 21-year-old Christine lives in Sydney, Australia to study mechanical engineering. Meanwhile, Westpac Bank mistakenly allowed an unlimited overdraft facility to Christine’s account.

Spent all the money on shopping without informing the bank

When Christine found out, she started wasting all the money on a shopping spree without telling the bank. Christine spent crores on jewellery, parties, travel, designer handbags. She started living a luxury life. Not only this, Christine also bought an expensive apartment. Along with this, he also transferred about 2.5 lakh rupees to his other account.

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According to The Sun, for about 11 months, Christine kept cheating on the bank and withdrawing money. However, Christine was arrested as soon as this incident came to light. When the matter went to court, all charges against Christine were dismissed.

In her explanation, Christine said, I thought my parents had transferred money to the bank account. Christine is not guilty of fraud because the bank made a mistake, her attorney argued. At the same time, Christine’s boyfriend Vincent King has claimed that he had no idea how much money Christine had.

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Christine later moved from Sydney to her home in Malaysia. However, the investigating agencies had seized assets worth more than 9 crores from Christine.

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