The first gynecological consultation

The first gynecological consultation

Because young girls dread their first gynecological consultation, the Sparadrap Association has produced, with the support of the Association adolescentes en prevention santé MGEN and Public Health France, a 20-page illustrated brochure to play down this visit and encourage dialogue among adolescent girls. with professionals. The brochure is aimed at young girls aged 14 to 20 and answers their main questions about the course of a gynecological consultation. It informs in particular about the respect of confidentiality and the fact that apart from precise circumstances (pains, symptoms or wish of the young girl) the gynecological examination is not necessary during the first consultation. Designed to best prepare young girls and help them establish a relationship of trust that will facilitate better gynecological follow-up, the brochure aims to reassure, without trivializing or underestimating their difficulties in discussing intimate matters with a professional, in undressing and to be examined. This document can be presented or handed out in the context of: a sexuality education action in the school environment, an individual interview or a collective information event (family planning, planning centre, school infirmary, home for adolescents, consultation for adolescents), a consultation (general practitioner, gynecologist, midwife).

Year of publication: 2022
Pages: 20 p.
Format/Duration: 14.5 x 20.5cm

Ref: DT0414922B


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