Strange Tradition: Suffers from pain, does… Still, women also ask for father from the code

Strange Tradition: Suffers from pain, does... Still, women also ask for father from the code

There are many tribes in Africa whose traditions amaze people. In any of these tribes, the most venomous ant is bitten to prove masculinity, while in some places fingers are cut in the name of the family. One such dangerous tradition is prevalent among the people of Hamar tribe, which is called Ukuli Tula. Under this, boys who feel that they are eligible for marriage, they will have to give proof of this. The shocking thing is that even the women involved in this are beaten with whips of their own free will.

Indeed, the Bull Jumping Festival is a sacred tradition for the people belonging to the Ukuli Tula tribe. It started with women’s dance. In this 15 cows or bulls are kept together. Any boy who considers himself worthy of marriage has to jump over these animals and cross. If a boy fails to cross these animals, he is beaten up by the women present there. Not so, boys are beaten to death. However, the boy who overtakes these animals is married off to a girl of his choice.

women are glad to be killed

Now there is a group named ‘Maja’ who adorn their bodies with feathers, necklaces and bracelets to beat the girls called for marriage. They beat up all the girls and women present in the ceremony with sticks and whips. In the midst of all this, if a girl survives the beating of the woman, then she begs and begs herself to be beaten with a whip. During this period, due to more beatings, pain and suffering was not allowed in this part. It is believed that by whipping and beating, love increases between women and men. Not only this, the woman who suffers the most beatings is married to the youngest man. Widow women are also looking for a new life partner by participating in this tradition.

Father is there even after marriage

In this tribe, in the name of tradition, women are not only beaten up during marriage but this cruelty continues with them for years. However, they live with it after having two kids. According to the rules of the tribe, men were not required to explain the reason for the beating. They can beat women whenever they want. Banging on women’s backs is proudly displayed as a mark of beauty. For these reasons the women of our gotra were very powerful. Men of this tribe can remarry even after having a single marriage.

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