South Korea: Roads turned into rivers due to heavy rain in Seoul, 7 killed so far

South Korea: Roads turned into rivers due to heavy rain in Seoul, 7 killed so far

Seoul: Heavy rain has made life difficult for people in South Korea. It rained so heavily in the Gangnam district of the capital Seoul that the roads there looked like rivers. Thousands of vehicles drowned in this heavy rain. Public transport services have also suffered a lot. In this incident 7 people are reported to have died while 6 people are reported missing. The work to clear the city continued till late Monday night, after which light traffic was seen on Tuesday morning. However, torrential rains were predicted for the second day in a row.

More than 80 roads still closed
The rain was so heavy that the lanes were seen flowing with a strong current. Water is also seen seeping inside many subways. Although metro rail operations started in most of the metros on Tuesday, about 80 roads and dozens of parks along the rivers are still closed due to security reasons. South Korea’s President Eun Sung-yol has called on government employers and private companies to adjust their employees’ commute hours and intensify efforts to evacuate their workers from at-risk areas. Apart from this, it was also said that the damaged things should be repaired immediately.

torrential rain from morning till night

Heavy rain started in Seoul on Monday morning. It rained continuously throughout the day. It can be estimated that at least 800 buildings were damaged while more than 400 people had to evacuate their homes. Three people trapped in the basement of their home in southern Seoul called for help on Monday night, but rescuers could not save them due to heavy rain. According to the Home Ministry, another woman drowned in her house in nearby Dongjak district. It was here that a public servant died while removing a tire from the road but got stuck in the water.

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First published: August 09, 2022, 08:58 IST


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