Snapchat Dual Camera feature launched, allows users to record content from front, back snapper simultaneously

Snapchat Dual Camera Feature Launched, to Let Users Record Content Using Front, Back Snappers Simultaneously

The Snapchat Dual Camera feature was introduced on Monday as a new way to allow Snapchatters to capture two perspectives at the same time. The new feature will let you use both the front and back cameras at the same time to capture photos and videos. Snap’s camera is one of the most used cameras in the world, the company says. The dual camera feature comes with four layouts and one can use creative tools like music, stickers and lenses to create Snapchat content.

According to the company, Snapchat Dual Camera will be available globally today on iOS, with Android support coming in the next few months. according to a blog post, iPhone models including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will get support initially. As mentioned, the dual camera on Snapchat allows you to capture content using the front and back cameras simultaneously.

For example, you are watching a football game with your friends on Saturday night. Before, you could either record what’s playing on TV or your reaction on Snapchat, as you could only record through a single camera. With the dual camera, you can record what’s playing on the TV and your reaction simultaneously to give you a better perspective of your situation.

How to use Dual Camera:

  1. Open your Snapchat and you will see a new icon in the camera toolbar

  2. To start Dual Camera on Snapchat, you can open the Camera screen

  3. Tap the Dual Camera icon in the camera toolbar and try different layouts before taking a snap

  4. The dual camera has four layouts including vertical, horizontal, picture in picture and cutout

  5. Snapchatters can also add music, stickers, and lenses to your Snaps

  6. There is a ‘Flip Camera’ button that changes the primary and secondary views of the camera

“With a simple tap, you can start creating Snaps and Stories, or a more polished Spotlight video, with Double Perspective. The Dual Camera is a creative way for our community to capture exciting moments while still being part of the memory – Like rocking out at a music festival, or everyday moments like your culinary adventures in the kitchen,” the company said in a statement.

Snapchat’s parent Snap has also announced a reward program for Spotlight creators, where eligible Snapchatters who create the top Spotlight Snaps receive “millions of dollars.” “Share what you create with the dual camera on Spotlight, or if inspiration comes quickly, create a Snap or Story,” the company said.


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