Gaza Is Facing an Ice-Cream Supply Crisis The Reason Might Fix You

Gaza Is Facing an Ice-Cream Supply Crisis The Reason Might Fix You

Despite the skyrocketing demand for ice cream amid the scorching heat, the shopkeepers are unable to fulfill it. This is being attributed to the prolonged power cuts in the Gaza Strip, which are melting and dying ice cream.

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Gaza Ice Cream

Close the sale to avoid loss of melting ice cream from power cut. (photo credit: News Nation)


  • Heavy power cuts in Gaza Strip due to scorching heat
  • That’s why the ice cream kept by the shopkeepers is melting and getting destroyed.
  • To avoid loss, all the shopkeepers stopped the sale of ice cream

Gaza City:

Tons of ice cream are melting in the Gaza Strip due to prolonged power cuts. This forced the shopkeepers to stop selling it. This situation happened in the midst of scorching heat, Jabo Ice Cream This demand has increased tremendously. These days Gaza The average temperature in Patti is 34 degrees. in summer Israel And Egypt Ice cream is an inexpensive way to cool off the body and mind in the narrow coastal region of the Gaza Strip. The population of the Gaza Strip is about 23 million. Fouad Awdhallah, owner of the supermarket, says, “The demand for ice cream has increased tremendously in the summer, but power cut Because of this the ice cream is already melting. So what else do we do? Ghat does not rise on losses.

huge gap between demand and supply
The Gaza Strip requires about 500 MW of electricity per day in the three months of June, July and August. To meet this demand, the Gaza Strip receives 120 MW of electricity from Israel, 60 MW from just one power plant locally. Due to this huge gap in demand and supply, huge power cuts are being forced. Electricity is supplied to the houses for 11 hours a day, that too not intermittently. Shopkeepers also face power cuts. It is not possible for all shopkeepers to use very expensive generators.

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Those who used generators increased the price of ice cream
Mohamed Abu Shaban, the owner of Kazam, a popular ice cream shop in the Gaza Strip, relies on expensive alternative generators to run his business. “The generator cannot be turned off even for a minute when there is a power cut,” he says. The shortage and demand for ice cream in Gaza can also be explained by the example of Sali Abu al-Hajj. Sally Abu Kazem, who lives in the Nasirat refugee camp, travels 13km from Gaza city center to eat ice cream because other vendors have stopped selling it. This is the reason why shopkeepers selling ice cream have also increased their prices.

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First published: August 29, 2022, 01:54:28 pm

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