Severe drought in America, water ‘cut’ in many states, crisis in Mexico too

Severe drought in America, water 'cut' in many states, crisis in Mexico too


The water in the Colorado River has receded due to extreme heat and low rainfall.
Several states have been directed to find ways to reduce water usage
Bad effect on time and yield due to water crisis

Washington. The historic drought in the US has cut water supplies to some states and Mexico. According to officials, this decision has been taken due to the lack of water in the Colorado River. According to AFP, water levels in the Colorado River, the lifeline of the western US, have dropped sharply due to below-average rainfall. At the same time, despite instructions from the US government, so far the states dependent on the river have not been able to agree on a plan to reduce their use.

Tanya Trujillo, assistant secretary of water and science at the US Department of the Interior, expressed concern over the falling water level of the river, saying states now need to find ways to reduce water use given their dependence on rivers. Due to drought in America, water crisis has arisen in many states. According to the report, amid the water crisis, the state’s allocation to Arizona from the Colorado River will decrease by 21 percent in 2023, while allocations for Nevada will decrease by eight percent and Mexico by seven percent.

However, California, the largest user of river water and the most populous of the western states, will not be affected by the cuts. The Colorado River originates in the Rocky Mountains and flows through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, and northern Mexico into the Gulf of California. Now due to less rain and no more snowfall, the water level of the river has been adversely affected.

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