Monkeypox: first rare case of human-to-animal transmission, patients quarantined with dogs

Monkeypox virus: First death due to monkeypox in America, 15 deaths worldwide


Symptoms such as sores and blisters appear 12 days after infection in the dog
Instruct the infected to avoid contact with your pet
In France, 2 infected men were quarantined with their dog, guidelines issued

Paris. The world’s first human-to-animal monkeypox case has been reported in France. A medical journal has published evidence of the first suspected case of monkeypox virus spreading from humans to pets, The Hill reports. According to the medical journal The Lancet, a dog living with two men in France started showing symptoms 12 days after being infected with the virus.

The 4-year-old dog was diagnosed with monkeypox after developing stomach ulcers and blister-like symptoms. Through DNA testing, researchers have concluded that monkeypox is the virus that infects both men and dogs. According to reports, both the men were quarantined along with their dog after having monkeypox. The dog used to sleep in the bed with them, who is now suffering from this disease.

Since the incident, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in its monkeypox guidance has warned against transmission from humans to pets. According to the guidelines issued by the CDC, the monkeypox virus can spread from infected animals to humans and from infected humans to animals.

People are also advised to avoid activities with their pets, including petting, hugging, kissing, sleeping places and sharing food.

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