Security Forces Arrest Women Without Hijab in Iran


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Donya Rad’s Hui was arrested under the anti-hijab law. (photo credit: News Nation)


  • Woman arrested for having breakfast without hijab in Iranian restaurant
  • Donya Ra’ad was imprisoned in Tehran’s notorious prison of cruelty
  • 83 killed in police action on protesters


Iranian security forces have arrested Donya Raad, a woman who was having breakfast in a public place like a restaurant without a hijab. Donya’s arrest came after a picture of him went viral on social media, which showed him having breakfast with another woman at a traditional Iranian restaurant. The photo is said to have surfaced for the first time on Wednesday, where she was having breakfast without a hijab in a male-dominated cafe. According to Donya’s sister, the security agency contacted her sister and asked her to explain her objection. Donya did not know anything for a few hours, then in a very brief call, Donya told that she was kept in Ward 209 of Even Prison. Even Tehran’s prison is notorious for its cruelty to prisoners. Iran’s political opponents are usually housed here. Its management is under the Ministry of Intelligence of Iran.

Anti-hijab movement intensifies after Mahsa Amini’s death in police custody
After Kurdish girl Mahsa Amini was detained under hijab law and died in the process, Iran has sparked massive protests against hijab laws. Women are traveling in buses without hijab in support of Mehsa. She is sharing her haircut pictures on social media. Along with this, Iran Police has also done strictness to establish control over this movement. Security forces have also begun arresting influential Iranians in recent days. Prominent among them are writer and poet Mona Borjui, Iranian football player Hossein Mahini and Faizeh Rafsanjani, daughter of former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashmi Rafsanjani. Iranian singer Sherwin Hajipour was also arrested this week, who sang a song based on a tweet made in reference to the movement.

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83 killed in action by Iran security forces
It has been two weeks since the protests against the Iranian government began after the death of Mahsa Amini. During this, dozens of people have been killed in police action. According to Iran’s human rights organization, so far 83 people, including children, have been killed in the repressive actions of the police. Over a thousand people have been arrested in the last one week. Not only this, according to the Protect Journalists Committee, 28 journalists have been arrested so far. The situation is so bad that Amnesty International is now conducting its own investigation into the repressive actions of Iran’s police and security forces.

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First published: 01 October 2022, 05:46:49 pm

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