Satish Alekar on Majha Katta: Youth of Majha Katta need to take initiative to experiment with plays like Mahanirvan and Begum Barve

Satish Alekar on Majha Katta: Youth of Majha Katta need to take initiative to experiment with plays like Mahanirvan and Begum Barve

Satish Alekar on Majha Katta: The popular play ‘Mahanirvana’ is used in different languages. But the play is changed according to the language during each experiment. The author of this play says that it is necessary to initiate the youth to experiment with the plays ‘Mahanirvan’ and ‘Begum Barve’. Movies-TV Shows Directed by Satish Alekri Said he was speaking in ABP Majha’s program ‘Majha Katta’.

The prestigious Vishnudas Bhave Award for Satish Alekar has been announced a few days back. Commenting on the award, Alekar said, “The art of drama does not depend on one person. Even if it is a monologue, it has to be written and directed by someone. Hence, drama is a group activity. 1967 Since -68, today many troupes have been added to my theatrical journey. So I feel it is my honor and also the honor of two institutions. Theater Academy Pune and the Department of Lalit Kala Kendra of Pune University have played an important role in this Artists who have been working on Samhita written by me for the last 50 years. Those artists also deserve this honour.”

How did Satish Alekar join the theater sector?

Satish Alekar said, “As a child, Prithviraj Kapoor’s plays used to be performed in Pune. Parents used to go to see these plays. After watching the play, their discussion about the play was heard. The discussion about the play was always going on. At home. In school we used to tell stories in education class. One of our sir told us in school ‘The story of Pather Panchali was narrated. At that time, the film was released in theatres. After that, we would tell’ The story of Apu in the education class. Also, teachers advised us to read Satya Katha. In schools and colleges, I met teachers who appreciated literature and art, so I joined the theater field.”

Plays ‘Mahanirvan’ and ‘Begham Barve’ are being used in the hands of youth

Satish Alekar said, “‘Begham Barve’ is not a popular play. This play has not even had 100 rehearsals yet. Now all the four characters of this play are not alive. So if anyone wants to do this play in a new set , they can do it again. The youth need to take the initiative. If the thinking consciousness of the present youth and their artistic sensibilities are like this drama, then it is their decision”.

On the historic decision of Purushottam Karandak, Satish Alekar said, “For the last two years the youth were sitting at home. And just looking at the screen. He didn’t see anything of reality. Purushottam was probably too much on Karandak. But there are still children who are taking the drama very seriously. Only these kids have not come forward.”

On the boycott campaign, Satish Alekar said, “We cannot impose our personal ideology on anyone. Artists should express their views on social issues. The space for expressing opinion has reduced. People have started thinking in black and white.

About Satish Alekar:

Satish Alekar is known as an experimental actor and playwright. Alekar has completed his Masters in Chemistry from Ferguson College, Pune. But in the meantime their real chemistry was related to drama and acting. His journey began with experimental theater and continues to this day. Satish Alekar is coming to meet the audience through various mediums such as one-act plays, plays, films, serials, webseries, advertisements. Working as an artist, Alekar maintains social consciousness and comments on various social issues through art. The language of Alekar’s plays, their use, their theatrical style have also been seen at the international level. He has been awarded with many prestigious awards.

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