Researcher made shocking claim about Meta, Instagram and Tiktok’s iPhone apps

Researcher Makes Shocking Claims About iPhone Apps Of Meta, Instagram and TikTok

A security researcher has made some serious allegations against Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Instagram and TikTok, saying that their iPhone applications may be able to track everything that users do to their in-apps. Type in internet browser.

The researcher, ex-Google engineer named Felix Cross, was quoted as saying by New York Post That all these applications state that they do not breach user privacy or track sensitive user data such as credit card information, passwords and addresses entered through an in-app browser, but may do so.

Last week, the researcher published report good Alleging these applications that all third-party links on their applications may pose various risks to the user.

According to Mr Cross, users who click on links in the two apps are taken to webpages in an “in-app browser” reportedly controlled by Facebook or Instagram, rather than the user’s preferred web browser, such as Safari or Firefox. ,

Elaborating on this, he said that when Instagram users click on links to products sent by their friends as Direct Messages on their iPhones, the URLs open in the in-app browser. If users decide to buy the products, they will need to enter their credit card information, shipping address and other information, which can be tracked by Instagram, Mr Krauss claimed. The same would happen if they bought a product from an Instagram ad, he said.

The researcher’s claim comes amid concerns raised by several regulatory authorities about the privacy and security of Chinese-owned TikTok.

Mr Cross also claimed that Instagram “injects JavaScript code into every website shown,” giving them potential access to that user data and more – despite the fact that there is no evidence that Instagram, Facebook or TikTok are recording or saving such data. ,


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