Record-breaking strongest permanent magnetic field developed by Chinese researchers: all the details

Record-Breaking Strongest Steady Magnetic Field Developed by Chinese Researchers: All Details

Chinese scientists have created the strongest static magnetic field, breaking all previous records. The world’s most powerful, stable magnetic field was achieved using a hybrid magnet that produced a magnetic field of 45.22 Tesla (T), a million times stronger than our planet’s own magnetic field. The record was set at the Steady High Magnetic Field Facility (SHMFF) in Hefei, China. The hybrid magnet used for the landmark performance was developed in 2016. Initially, it generated a central magnetic field of 40 T, earning the distinction of being the world’s second 40 T-level magnet. Since then, scientists have worked on the magnet, gradually strengthening it.

According to Guang Guangli, academic director of the HFF High Magnetic Field Laboratory, they discovered a hybrid magnet design to enhance the magnetic field. “To achieve a high magnetic field, we innovated the structure of the magnet and developed new materials. The bitter disc manufacturing process was also optimized. said Guangli.

He added that strong magnetic fields of such magnitude help scientists peer into the internal structures of materials and develop modern technologies.

The magnet has a hybrid design that includes a resistive magnet placed 32-mm apart from the center of a superconducting magnet. This allows the two to combine their power resulting in an incredibly strong magnetic field. Here, both magnets have their own limitations. Superconducting magnets require low power input, while resistive magnets require high power output.

The previous world record for the strongest magnetic field produced by a hybrid magnet was held at the United States’ National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. In 1999, the magnet produced a magnetic field of 45 T.


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