Ravi Patki’s blog hit classic shot on Team India batsman Suryakumar Yadav

Suryakumar Yadav : सूर्यकुमारपासूनच चालू होतं त्याच्या बॅटिंगचं घराणं

Ravi Patki, Mumbai : When the soulful singer Vasantrao Deshpande was asked where is your family from, he boldly said, “Our family begins with us”. This sentence made a splash in the music world and this sentence became a symbol of the confidence of the soulful artists. Vasantrao wanted to say that I am independent, I have my own opinion, it may not be traditional but I have an independent vision of music. That’s why I am the original man of my family. Vasantrao remembered seeing Suryakumar Yadav batting. Through each of his innovative shots, he continues to declare, My family begins with me. (Team India batsman Suryakumar Yadav hit a classic shot on Ravi Patki blog)

The actual batting will consist of the traditional twenty-five shots in total. But in the last few years new shots have been added to it.

Pietersen, de Villiers, Maxwell gave a new dimension to cricket by hitting so many shots. New Shots like Reverse Sweep, Dilscope, Ramp Shot, Shovel Shot, Paddle Sweep etc were added to the batting.

De Villiers can be called the most complete batsman who plays all kinds of unconventional and traditional shots. Suryakumar is batting as innovative, but he has developed his own special shots. They have opened a separate gallery of shots in the thirdman to point area. It has a late steer, which is a ramp shot by Ostrason.

Bowlers these days have developed the technique of throwing deep pitches outside the off-stump to prevent runs. In reply, Suryakumar stayed back at the crease and developed a late scoop shot from point and third man. It is very difficult to play. Also, Suryakumar hits a single phase ball over the head of vertical midoff without any footwork.

His matching shot does not miss the leg side to the fine leg. All his unexpected shots show his Riyaz in the nets, just like Zakir Bhai’s phrases on tabla with shocking value. He has been a late addition to the team for at least four years. But when it arrives, it becomes a finished product.

The pickle is twisted, so it tastes wonderful. A perfect, full of confidence, a fountain of innovation flows. Let us be obsessed with it.


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