Punekar’s good advice on demolition of Chandni Chowk bridge goes viral

Punekar's good advice on demolition of Chandni Chowk bridge goes viral

Pune Chandni Chowk Bridge Demolition: Chandni Chowk in Pune (Chandni Chowk) The bridge will be demolished tonight at 2:30 in nine seconds. But for that Punekars have given instructions in Puneri style. These tips are currently going viral on social media.

Just read the instructions once…

1) The people of Pune who want to sit and watch the program in Indian style, they should sit on the hill in the old Bavdhan Chowpatty area coming from Mulshi. Everyone must bring their own chairs, mats or folding chairs. It is likely to rain, so keep your umbrella handy.

3) Those who wish to go camping and picnic on the occasion in slightly open skies should bring cold dry mutton and hot coffee in a thermos. If it is raining, the bridge demolition program will be cancelled. Go home and have mutton and coffee in the morning for breakfast.

3) Besides this, all the corporators of the area have decided to distribute free masala milk to the gathered citizens. Take every single glass of it and everyone should benefit as a family.

4) Those who wish to stand and watch the ceremony should come from Mulshi and descend towards Bavdhan and gather on the new bridge leading to Satara.

5) Thinking of these curious youths as Diwali fireworks, no person should try to burn explosives with lighters before the appointed time. If they do so, they will be beaten with hollow bamboos at Bhar Chowk (before the bridge collapses).

6) Our Gujarati friends who came to watch the bridge demolition program by playing dandiya till late night, should not start playing Garba after seeing the empty space. We keep the rhythm only on the beat of the Punekar dhol. The anger of the people of Pune over the theft of Vedanta project’s grass will be dispelled on the spot.

7) Punekar trembling, Diwali fireworks ahead of Dussehra at Chandni Chowk, traffic jam-free West Pune To take a relief, journalists from the sub sharp journalist covering the event at 12 midnight from Ved Bhavan from Varje side before the bridge collapsed. can. However, they must be careful that the stones thrown after the explosion do not attract their attention.

8) Citizens will be provided with free high-speed Wi-Fi in the entire one kilometer area for posting Facebook Live and Instagram stories in case the bridge is damaged.

9) The bridge ultimately belongs to Pune. Therefore, if the bridge is not broken even by the use of very powerful explosives, then the administration will not be responsible for it.

10) If the bridge falls as planned, a small piece of the bridge will be given to each citizen as a memento. This will help clear the roadblock on this occasion.

11) If people living on the south side of the highway (in Warje, Sinhagad Road, Katraj area) come towards Mumbai from the north of the highway and witness this ceremony, they should be prepared to take a round of the University circle. their way back home.


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