Pedestrian Accident Compensation: Everything You Need to Know

Most pedestrian accidents rely on negligence theory where injured victims can claim compensation, but they have to prove that the accident occurred due to the other party’s negligence. The court will decide the compensation based on injuries and lost wages. 

In most cases, pedestrians do not have their substantial rights for a compensation case. That is where Houston pedestrian accident attorney plays a crucial role. 

Can I make a pedestrian accident claim?

An individual can claim for a pedestrian accident if they sustain severe injuries in the following situations.

  • Crossing a road: You can claim pedestrian accident compensation if you are crossing a road and a person hits you.
  • Hit-and-run accident: You can file pedestrian accident compensation if you become wounded in a hit-and-run accident. 
  • Walking on a footpath: If you are hit by a vehicle while walking on the footpath, you can claim a pedestrian accident.

How do pedestrian accidents happen?

In most cases, pedestrian accidents usually happen due to the following reasons:

  • Drunk driving
  • Driver speeding
  • Driver fails to stop at crossing
  • Left-hand turn when the driver focuses on the right side at the traffic junction instead of pedestrian crossing
  • Right-hand turn when the driver focuses on the left side instead of the pedestrian crossing
  • Distraction due to mobile phone
  • Going through traffic lights
  • Driver failing to look at excessive speed.
  • Drivers neglecting pedestrians cross the road

Types of Compensation a Pedestrian Receives

There are strict lawsuits for accidents that happen due to the negligence of one or another party. If a pedestrian is involved in an accident, they can potentially receive the following claims.

  • Lost income claim: If you are unable to work due to injury.
  • Medical expenses claim: The pedestrian accident claim helps to meet medical expenses bills, rehabilitation compensation, hospitalization charges, and other medical treatment.
  • Permanent impairment: Individuals can claim for permanent scarring, physical impairment, and disfigurement.
  • Emotional distress: Lawsuits allow pedestrian accident compensation for emotional distress.
  • Pain and suffering: You are eligible to claim for pain and suffering due to an accident
  • Wrongful damage: You can also claim for a pedestrian accident if you lost someone in an accident.

How much compensation do injured people receive through pedestrian compensation claims?

Individuals can claim the following types of pedestrian accident compensation.

  • General damages: Pain, suffering, loss of wages, and congenial employment are covered in general damages. 
  • Special damages: It includes lost wages, valuable items, and injuries. It also covers medical treatment costs and travel expenses.


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