North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who became seriously ill from Corona, accused the enemy country

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who became seriously ill from Corona, accused the enemy country


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Kim was seriously ill with Corona
South Korea’s allegation, death threats

Pyongyang. North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was infected with Kovid-19 and had a high fever. Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong claimed that although he was seriously ill with high fever, he was not resting due to the concerns of the countrymen. They had to sustain the people until the end of the anti-epidemic war. Kim Yo Jong threatens South Korea that it will be eliminated if it continues its false propaganda. South Korea has been accused of falsely accusing the Kim Jong Un administration of spreading the virus.

Kim Yo Jong said North Korea has declared “great success” in its fight against the virus. The Kim administration has announced the relaxation of Corona restrictions. The state news agency Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Kim had said on Wednesday that since May, we have imposed restrictions to control the epidemic and due to this there has been a rapid decrease in cases of infection. Not a single case was reported after July 29. To overcome this disease in a short time and make the country virus free is a miracle, which will be recorded in the history of world public health.

balloons are sent to foreigners to spread corona virus

Kim’s sister alleged that South Korea spread the corona virus to North Korea. He said that the corona infection spread due to parcels sent by South Korea in balloons and strict action would be taken for this. North Korea confirmed cases of the Omicron type of coronavirus in May. He said that out of a population of 2.6 crore, about 48 lakh people have complained of fever. After this the news came that only 74 people have died due to this disease. Some experts have said North Korea is trying to downplay the outbreak, while the country lacks hospitals and intensive care units. Vaccines and other treatments are not available in the country.

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