News Anchor to Bigg Boss, the real face behind the voice of Bigg Boss on ABP Majha’s exclusive report

News Anchor to Bigg Boss, the real face behind the voice of Bigg Boss on ABP Majha's exclusive report

Bigg Boss english 4 Exclusive: Bigg Boss english fourth season (Bigg Boss english 4) Starting today. But the fans are wondering who has given voice to the orders given in Bigg Boss house. The real face behind the voice of Bigg Boss is Vice Artist Ratnakar Tardalkar.

The voice of Bigg Boss has reached the homes of Maharashtra. The audience has been listening to this voice for the past several days. But till date no one has been able to know the face behind this voice. The first two seasons of ‘Bigg Boss english’ have got the voice of Ratnakar Tardalkar.

Different responsibility of doing ‘Bigg Boss’

Ratnakar Tardalkar said in an interview to ABP Majha, “Bigg Boss is the main person in the Bigg Boss house and all the guests have come to stay with him. That’s why it is necessary to have that voice. So, Bigg Boss is a different person. It was a responsibility.

Behind the scenes of Bigg Boss

Ratnakar Tardalkar said, “I have to watch Bigg Boss 24 hours a day. It starts at 10 am by giving a task to the contestant. After that he cannot go anywhere till the task is completed. There is no fixed time to finish the task. One The task which starts at 10 am, ends the next day at 4 am. Can. Contestants have to guide during the task. Often even in the middle of the night, the contestants have to return to the set once again after a fight. Mann has to stay in Bigg Boss house, can’t pick up anyone’s phone.

How was the Big Boss audition?

Ratnakar Tardalkar further said, “There were auditions for Bigg Boss. They wanted a reassuring voice. It was difficult for me to hide from everyone that Bigg Boss’s voice is mine. I heard somewhere that people whatever I am People say what I say in public. Bigg Boss is a different show.. The mindset remains in the show. Along with giving orders, there is also interaction with the contestants.”

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