Navratri 2022 27 year old Dombivali man dies while playing Garba in Mulund

Navratri 2022 27 year old Dombivali man dies while playing Garba in Mulund

Mumbai news: Navratri celebrations across the state including Mumbai (Navratri 2022) is being celebrated. But in Mulund, an eastern suburb of Mumbai (Mulund) Garba (GarbaAn unfortunate incident happened while playing. The youth died of a heart attack while playing Garba on Saturday (October 1) night. Here Kalidas Theater in Mulund by BJP (BJP) This incident took place in the organized Prerna Ras.

The deceased 27-year-old youth has been identified as Rishabh Lahiri Mange Bhanushali. He was a resident of Dombivli. Rishabh Lahiri Mange Bhanushali has studied MBA. Rishabh was working in a private company in Borivali. He lived with his parents in Dombivli West. He was the sole breadwinner of the household. But over time, a mountain of sorrow has broken on his family.

Like others during the Navratri festival, he along with his family had come to the Kalidas Theater in Mulund to play a garba organized by BJP leader Manoj Kotak. But while playing Garba, he started having pain in his chest. Thinking that he had acidity, the family members gave him a cold drink. But if the pain did not subside, he was immediately admitted to Aditi Hospital in Mulund with the help of passers-by. But the doctors declared him brought dead before admitting him.

Rishabh’s death has once again raised the issue of heart attack among the youth. Even before this, there have been incidents of youth dying while playing cricket or exercising on the field. Now it is learned that a young man died while playing Garba.

This year in the last three days of Navratri, Garba is performed till 12 midnight.
The Navratri festival, which is being celebrated amidst the restrictions of Corona for the last two years, is being celebrated with great fanfare this year. This year the Shinde government has taken a big decision so that the people of the state can enjoy the Navratri festival. The government announced that Garba can be played till 12 pm for the last three days. There was a demand that during the Navratri festival, Garba should be allowed to play till 12 o’clock in the night, which the government agreed to. The government had allowed Garba to be played for only two days till 12 noon. But the government extended it for one more day. Earlier this time was till 10 pm. But now with the relaxation till 12 noon, many people can enjoy playing Garba for three days on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.


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