Meta’s new COO is Javier Olivan, the 15-year journey that helped bring Facebook international

Meta's new COO is Javier Olivan, the 15-year journey that helped bring Facebook international


In a career spanning 15 years at Meta, Olivan is the company’s most effective problem solver
One of Zuckerberg’s most trusted confidants
Olivan helped expand the service to Facebook

Washington. Meta’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg has stepped down after 14 years as the social network’s second most important executive. META has appointed Chief Development Officer Javier Olivan as its new COO, taking office on August 1.

In 2008, Facebook was introduced in the English language only and efforts were being made to expand it internationally. When Javier Olivan got the job, he made a significant contribution to the effort. He suggested that Facebook should ask its users to do the work for free instead of paying translators. After hours of doing this by Spanish Facebook users, German volunteers translated the site in just two weeks. It took only 24 hours to translate Facebook into French. The site was working in 18 different languages ​​within six months. One of his suggestions led to the expansion of Facebook internationally.

Who is Xavier Olivan?
In a career spanning 15 years at Meta, Olivan, 45, became the company’s most effective problem solver, one of Zuckerberg’s most trusted confidants. He now replaces META’s second-in-command, Sheryl Sandberg, as chief operating officer.

Olivan helped expand the service
When Zuckerberg invented Facebook, Olivan helped expand the service. When Zuckerberg really wants to do something, he becomes the company’s unofficial fixer. They took down Facebook’s Messenger app, which now has over 1 billion users. He was also a prominent advocate for several Facebook deals, such as the $22 billion acquisition of WhatsApp. After the 2016 election on his phone exposed Facebook’s many flaws around election ads and misinformation, Zuckerberg put teams working on those problems, including Meta, under Olive.

Nadhan to Facebook Lite in Olivan Ka Hi Haat
Olivan was instrumental in developing Facebook Lite, a version of the social network that was released in 2015. Facebook Lite, which uses less wireless data, has inspired people in emerging markets to have the application on their phones, and Lite now has more than 200 million users.

No new jobs at Facebook, Zuckerberg also hints at layoffs, citing recession

Zuckerberg suggested making Olivan the COO to meet some bigger needs. Perhaps for the first time in a decade, the company is feeling insecure. Facebook’s growth has begun to stall, and Zuckerberg has made several changes to the platform to compete with TikTok. After declining its first-quarter revenue in July, the company cut costs and Meta also struggled with privacy changes on iPhones that made it harder for the company to collect accurate targeting data, which has bolstered its advertising business for years. has affected. Earlier in the year, Meta said the changes could result in a $10 billion drop in profits.

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