Forest fires in France: France’s forest fires, EU neighbors help, fire engines and equipment sent to France

Forest fires in France: France's forest fires, EU neighbors help, fire engines and equipment sent to France


Most of France is scorched by rising heat
Firefighters and equipment from 6 EU countries were sent to France
French President tweeted thank you

Paris. As scorching heat continues to scorch much of France, wildfires are on the rise, prompting firefighters and equipment from six EU countries to be sent to France on Thursday to fight the fires.

The European Commission said four firefighters from Greece and Sweden would be sent to France along with teams from Austria, Germany, Poland and Romania. French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted his thanks and added that ‘our allies are coming forward to help France against the fire’. More than 10,000 firefighters and security forces have been mobilized across the country against the flames. These soldiers are our heroes, thank them. European solidarity is working.

Deployment of 361 foreign firefighters
There are currently eight major areas where fires are raging, but the most affected area is the Landiras fire in the southwestern Gironde department. A total of 361 foreign firefighters will be stationed in the South-West sector to support 1,100 French allies. Officials said that the first batch of 65 German firefighters has also arrived, who will help us.

10,000 people were forced to leave their homes
Lt Col Arnaud Mendos of the Fire and Rescue Service told reporters that “we fought all night to stop the fire from spreading, especially to save the village of Belin-Beliet.” He said 7,400 hectares were burnt in the fire that broke out on Tuesday. burned to ashes, damaged 17 houses and forced 10,000 people to leave their homes.

Amid wildfires in southern France, UK heatwave warnings, Thames river dry, 5 important things to know

Temperatures reached around 40 °C (104 °F) in the southwest on Thursday and are expected to rise further by Sunday, making the landier a major threat.

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