Menstrual problems of women Menstrual problems

Menstrual problems of women Menstrual problems

Riddhi Mhatre / News Anchor & Assistant Producer, Zee 24 Taas / Mumbai: In fact, what comes naturally must be ‘normal’. But periods like birth and death were not considered common or spoken of so easily. But now the times are changing even more. Menstruation and its problems are being talked about openly. Not only through speeches, lectures, articles, seminars, seminars, but also women who were so shy and used alternative words to talk about menstruation, now speak clearly and directly.

Menstruation and pads were discussed on the occasion of films like ‘Padman’. But a Chinese player told the reason for losing the final match a few days ago that ‘it was the first day of my period and it was bothering me’. Her pictures also went viral as it was clear that she was suffering while playing. He described it as a very ‘normal’ thing to lose due to menstrual problems. He also said, “It would have been better if I were a boy.” Many people like him feel that it would be better if they were boys because of a reason that makes life unbearable, ‘Pali’.

When Urfi Javed talked about period, this dress and…

For the last few days, Urfi Javed is becoming famous due to his ‘different’ style. Urfi, who has always shown her body and acted instantly when she appeared in front of the camera, calmly and simply said that it was ‘of her period’ It was the first day. In fact, although she was commended for speaking ‘normally’ after uttering this sentence, many like me would have admired and disapproved of her courage to wear a white dress, even though it was her period. It was the first day!

Zheng Qinwen said she lost the match due to period pain

A few days back it was read that the concept of ‘period life’ is currently taking root in the corporate world. It is said that ‘they’ give four days leave to women abroad to understand the fatigue and other effects on the body and mind during menstruation! Let such a concept take root in India at the earliest! When Rani Mukerji, who plays a police officer at the end of the film Mardana, reads about menstrual problems in an interview scene, we start feeling even more insecure as a woman!

Nowadays, the topic and problems of menstruation are easily discussed in front of men in homes, schools and colleges. Even men who didn’t say anything special before or pay attention to women’s menstrual cycle understand all women’s menstruation in life. Treats them according to their needs and comfort. Overall the menstrual cycle is becoming ‘normal’.


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