Marathi latest news, 6 years acquaintance, in love for two and a half years, married, then came to know about girlfriend, then…. what to do now

Marathi latest news, 6 years acquaintance, in love for two and a half years, married, then came to know about girlfriend, then.... what to do now

New Delhi: We check many things before marriage, but many times many things do not reach us. But this happens very rarely in love marriage. Since the two already know each other, MKK knows almost everything about them. However, if the person we are going to marry, if he hides something very important from us, then surely there will be an earthquake in that person’s life. Same thing happened with this young man.

A young man was about to marry his girlfriend, before he realized that the ground had slipped under his feet. His future wife had kept it hidden for the last 6 years that she was once crazy about her brother too. Now the question of the young man is whether he should marry her or not. He has shared the incident with him on social media.

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A young man named John wrote on Reddit that he recently learned that his future wife was his brother’s ex-girlfriend. After knowing this, the sky fell on his head, he did not know what to do. This was told to him by his future wife. John’s brother and his would-be wife had an affair before their meeting. But, John felt bad that his girlfriend, whom he was going to marry, hid all this from him.

John said that he and his future wife have been together for the past two and a half years. They got engaged only 5 months ago. At present, his girlfriend is pregnant, so he is under pressure from the family to get married soon. But, now he doesn’t know whether he should get married or not.

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According to John, he shared the story of his marriage on social media. Seeing his post, his girlfriend’s friend told him the truth. At first he didn’t believe it, but when he shared screenshots and some pictures from the chat, John was convinced.

John had a dispute with his brother about this matter. But, his brother is now married and if this matter comes to light then his marriage may be ruined, so he requests his brother not to tell anyone.

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