Kiwi Farms’ services were terminated by DDoS-Guard for violating the Hate Forum’s Acceptable Use Policy

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DDoS-Guard has become the second service provider to drop support for the notorious online forum Kiwi Farms. The online defense provider announced on Monday that it has ended service for the Kiwi Farms forum. Several complaints have been received claiming that forum content violates DDoS-Guard’s Acceptable Use Policy. It then analyzed the content and decided to terminate DDoS protection for websites with .ru domains. This is the second termination for Kiwi Farms in two days. Cloudflare blocked Kiwi Farms on Sunday following a pressure campaign led by transgender YouTuber and Twitch streamer Clara Sorrenti (also known as Keffles).

DDoS-Guard is mentioned above Blog Kiwi Farms had activated its defenses on Sunday. However, after a day the security service provider dropped support for the website.

On Monday, DDoS-Guard clarified that it intends to block customers’ websites only if it receives an official notice from the court. However, after analyzing Kiwi Farms’ content, DDoS-Guard deemed it necessary to terminate service for its domain.

According to recent reports, Cloudflare was the first to block Kiwi Farms.

The forum is notorious for harassing activists, feminists, and people of color online. Many hate campaigns have been linked to suicides as forum members go to extreme measures to harass their targets, including doxxing and swatting.

Cloudflare blocked the forum following a campaign by Canadian activist Clara Sorrenti, who was forced to flee to Europe by Kiwi Farms members following a harassment campaign against her.

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