It is so heavy to produce a hive of bees! Man in danger, man comes out of coma after 1 week

 It is so heavy to produce a hive of bees!  Man in danger, man comes out of coma after 1 week


Austin Bellamy accidentally disturbs the beehive
Bees bite him more than 20,000 times
Victim’s life in danger in bee attack

Ohio. A 20-year-old man in Ohio, USA, never thought that his life would be in danger when he cut a tree. With a wooden stick, he inadvertently destroyed a hive of African killer bees. What was that then? Hundreds of African killer bees attacked her and bit her more than 20,000 times. After this, with the help of fire brigade, the person was pulled out of the tree and taken to the hospital. A young man’s life was threatened by an attack by African killer bees. A week later, Austin Bellamy came out of a coma.

According to a Fox19 report, his family said that doctors are hopeful that he will make a full recovery. His mother, Shawna Carter, said that Austin Bellamy accidentally disturbed a hive of bees. After which thousands of African killer bees attacked his head, neck and shoulders. It was as if a black blanket was wrapped around his head, neck and arms. Austin Bellamy was cutting branches from a tall tree while his grandmother Phyllis Edwards and his father watched from the ground. Suddenly he cut down a hive after which the bees went wild. Since her uncle and her grandmother were also being attacked by bees, they were unable to help the 20-year-old.

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Firefighters helped Austin get down the tree and was taken to the hospital. Austin Bellamy was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Jahan Austin had slipped into a coma. Austin, 20, regained consciousness about a week later on Wednesday. Bellamy’s mother, Shawna Carter, said her island had been bitten by bees more than 20,000 times and that she had swallowed about 30 bees. Significantly, an African killer bee is no more dangerous than an ordinary bee. But if a person is bitten by bees more than a dozen times, he may feel nauseous. Along with this he may experience diarrhea and vomiting.

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