Israeli intelligence agency ‘Mossad’ will now handle the woman, know the responsibility of Agent A

Israeli intelligence agency 'Mossad' will now handle the woman, know the responsibility of Agent A


Appointment of woman to the post of director of Mossad
For the first time ever, a woman is in charge of the Iran desk
These women are identified in Hebrew as Elf and Kuf.

New Delhi: Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad (Israel’s National Intelligence Agency Mossad) is often known for its dangerous operations, but these days it remains in the discussion for some other reason. Behind this is a big decision taken by the agency. In fact, it has been announced by Mossad News that a woman has been appointed as the director of the agency. Agent A of the agency will oversee all the work of Mossad. The agency released a blurry picture of Agent A.

Not only this, for the first time a woman has been given the responsibility at the Iran desk. The names of these two women are Agent A and Agent K. In Hebrew these women are known as Elf and Kuf. At the same time, Mossad director David Barnea said that both women and men are treated equally in the agency.

Responsible for the preparation of strategic intelligence
Agent A is associated with the agency for the last 20 years. After Agent A received this position, he was promoted to the rank of Chief of Military Intelligence in the Israel Defense Forces. Sources believe that Agent A has been assigned the responsibility of preparing strategic intelligence.

Agent A is tasked with improving Israel’s relations with the Arab community, overseeing Iran’s nuclear program, as well as combating global terrorism at the national level. Additionally, Agent A will also be responsible for handling Pas Mossad operations.

‘Discover your hidden talent’
Let us tell you that a few months ago Agent A said at an event that I want to make this forum useful for women. She said that I want women to move ahead in their lives and realize their hidden potential.

In addition to Agent K, his partner Agent H is also assigned. The most important responsibility of Agent K is the Iran desk of Mossad. He has been tasked with formulating a strong strategy to deal with Iran. He will also be responsible for coordinating during special operations and working closely with the Intelligence Branch.

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