iPhone Lockdown Mode: Proof of Concept Website can detect if it’s enabled on your phone

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iPhone Lockdown Mode was announced by Apple as a way to help those who face serious, targeted threats to their digital security. Apple calls it an extreme but alternative protection for a small number of users, including journalists, politicians and human rights advocates, who are in the crosshairs of state-sponsored spyware like Pegasus, which was developed by Israel-based NSO Group. However, it seems that a simple, proof of concept website can detect if you have enabled the mod and could potentially target you.

according to a report good by motherboard, proof of concept website Developed by John Ozbe, who is a privacy activist and CEO of privacy-focused company Crypty, you can quickly find out whether you are using Lockdown Mode on your iPhone or not.

Apple developed this feature to add a new layer of security when at least two Israeli firms aimed to exploit flaws in Apple’s software without the need to click or tap anything remotely into iPhones. terribly broken. Pegasus software by NSO Group can carry out such attacks by injecting malware and accessing private user data. Once the lockdown mode is enabled, it will not work normally. Apps, websites, and features will be strictly limited for security, and some experiences will be completely unavailable.

“Suppose you are in China, and you are using lockdown mode. Now, any website you visit can effectively detect that you are using lockdown mode, they also have your IP address. So, they will actually be able to identify that a user with this IP address is using lockdown mode. It is a compromise between security and privacy. [Apple] Chose security,” Ozbe was quoted as saying. Ozbe says that among the various features that Lockdown Mode disables, the lack of loading custom fonts is “the easiest thing to detect and exploit.”

“It took us five minutes to put the code together and see if it worked,” he told Motherboard. The privacy activist also says that the issue is not technically a bug but a specific flaw in how the lockdown mode is designed and there is no way around it. He says there is only one way Apple can mitigate the issue and that is to fundamentally change how lockdown mode works.

Apple claims The Lockdown Mode in iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura further tightens the security of the device and strictly limits certain functionalities. iOS 16 is likely to release next month and iPadOS may debut in October.

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