BioShock Netflix live-action adaptation to be headed by I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence

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Netflix has finally made the man at the helm of its upcoming BioShock project. The streaming platform announced Thursday that it has signed Francis Lawrence to direct the live-action feature film adaptation. This appears to be the first piece of information Netflix has released since announcing the project in February. The star cast of BioShock is yet to be finalized, however, we can expect more updates soon. Furthermore, BioShock isn’t the only video game adaptation being worked on under the Netflix umbrella. The OTT platform recently revealed that Umbrella Academy producer Steve Blackman will be adapting the Horizon Zero Dawn franchise into a series.

Netflix announced Thursday that Francis Lawrence will direct a live-action adaptation based on the popular BioShock video game. Lawrence has previously appeared in films such as I Am Legend, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Slumberland. The script is being written by Michael Green of Logan, of Blade Runner 2049 and American Gods fame.

BioShock was a live-action feature film adaptation announced by Netflix in February earlier this year. The streaming platform is teaming up with 2K and Take-Two Interactive to produce this project. However, there is no release date set for the BioShock film yet.

Netflix has seen success recently with video game adaptations, including the critically acclaimed Arcane which is based on the world of League of Legends. The third season of DOTA: Dragons Blood also arrived on Netflix in August.

On Thursday, Netflix also revealed that a Horizon Zero Dawn TV adaptation is also in the works. The series is being produced by Steve Blackman, the creator of The Umbrella Academy. Michelle Loveretta is teaming up to work on the script, which is expected to focus on Alloy as the lead character.

Currently, Netflix has not set a release date for the BioShock live-action feature film.

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