Instagram Reels Crossposting to Facebook, Announces New Tool for Content Creators: All the Details

Instagram Reels Crossposting to Facebook, New Tools for Content Creators Announced: All Details

Instagram Reels can now be cross posted to Facebook, Meta has announced while releasing new tools for content creators. New features include the ability to add “Add Yourself” stickers to reels, Creator Studio Insights, Facebook ‘Stars’ on reels, and automatic creation of reels on the video and photo sharing platform. New features and updates are more visible on the Facebook page. According to Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, these tools will help creators increase the number of people their reels reach and monetize the content.

New features announced for Instagram and Facebook through a small clip On Facebook. Mosseri briefly took to Twitter to discuss three tools for video makers. The first feature discussed is the ability to post Instagram reels to Facebook. Cross posting content from Instagram isn’t an entirely new feature – users have been able to post Stories and images on both platforms at once. The same capacity has now been extended to the reels. Enabling the “Share to Facebook” option on Instagram will reel post on both platforms owned by Meta.

The second feature is the ability to add an “Add Yours” sticker to the reels. This sticker is already popular on Stories, prompting users to share content based on the text in the sticker. With the new capability, people will now be able to share videos with reference to the text on these stickers. In addition, the sticker will have a link to your profile that will give you a “shout out” for starting a trend on the platform.

Users who regularly post reels on Facebook will benefit from the third feature. Content creators will get better insights, including reach, average watch time, total watch time, etc., to help them understand how their reels are performing on Facebook. In a related feature, Meta also announced that Facebook Star is now available to all eligible creators. Viewers can send these stars to content creators on their Facebook reels and in return Facebook will pay For every star they receive, they get $0.01 (about Rs.0.80). Creators can see their total star count in Creator Studio under the Creator Star statistics.

The fifth new feature is that Facebook now has more remix options for reels. This feature will let you create your own reel by recording with an existing reel. Users can remix public photos to create a reel, choosing from a variety of layouts including green-screen, horizontal, or vertical split-screen.

Finally, Facebook can now automatically create reels using stories that users have already shared. This feature can help content creators in many situations. For example, if a user has shared a lot of stories from their recent Europe trip, according to Meta, Facebook will compile some of those stories into a reel, with minimal effort to share.


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