After hunting a man, a crocodile is constantly protecting him, tight security has irked the police

crocodile guard body

Humans have been encroaching upon the territory of animals for a long time. As a result of this, animals have started attacking humans by entering human areas. Sometimes lions and tigers are seen in the cities. Man has occupied not only land and forests, but also canals and rivers. In rivers where earlier crocodiles used to feed their stomachs by eating fish, nowadays humans eat all the fish. Are there any options left for crocodiles? Obviously, hunting humans.

In South Carolina, humans settled a colony on the banks of a river. Now what will crocodiles do if humans reach them? The instinct of crocodile is to hunt. In such a situation, a crocodile hunted a person standing nearby. The incident happened on Monday, but the police are yet to recover the body. Actually, the crocodile is constantly guarding the carcass after the hunt. The crocodile is not allowing anyone to come near the corpse. The police also confirmed that they are unable to take possession of the carcass because of the crocodile.

people complain
According to the information, around eleven o’clock on Monday night, the people around informed the police that a crocodile is guarding a dead body in the pond. When the police went there, the body could not be recovered. Officials are constantly keeping an eye on the dead body. As soon as the crocodile’s attention is diverted from it, the police will take the dead body in its possession. Please tell that the pond in which this dead body was found is infested with crocodiles. According to a report by the Centers for Disease and Prevention, only ten cases of crocodile attacks have been reported in the United States between 1999 and 2019.

crocodile guard body

the pond is scary
It is being told that many crocodiles live in the pond where the body was found. Some time ago an elderly lady from a nearby house brought a crocodile from inside to the pond. Later his body was also recovered. These crocodiles leave the carcasses on the beach only after hunting. He doesn’t eat it. It is clear from this that this crocodile is not a man eater. Crocodiles are often seen swimming in this pond.

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